Tooth Bleaching

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

An attractive, white smile is something most people desire. If your teeth are stained or discolored, you can quickly and easily brighten them with an in-office bleaching procedure or at home with custom trays fitted especially for your teeth.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sands will meet with you prior to your bleaching procedure and examine your teeth. He will assess the type and degree of discoloration before recommending a whitening treatment. Because not all teeth are the same color, Dr. Sands will use a Vita shade guide to determine the natural shade of your teeth and the degree to which you want your teeth whitened.

In-Office Tooth Bleaching

At the office of cosmetic dentist Dr. Sands, we use the Zoom! Chairside Teeth Whitening System. This procedure works with a whitening gel that is placed on your teeth after the gums and other soft tissue have been protected. A special light is directed to your teeth and it activates the active ingredient in the gel. Oxygen is then released into your tooth enamel and breaks up the stain molecules into shorter molecules, thus removing discoloration.

This safe and effective process takes about an hour and leaves you with dramatic results. You could see your teeth brighten by up to eight shades instantly. Zoom! bleaching allows your teeth to be brightened in a consistent, effective manner so they will stay white for years if you give them good daily dental care.

At-Home, Custom-Fit Tray Bleaching

Dr. Sands can also design custom-fitted trays that you can take home and use on your own time. They will be created from an impression of your teeth. The trays ensure that your teeth will be exposed to the correct amount of whitening solution for a more uniform whitening, unlike the trays from store-bought kits that fit your teeth poorly and can leave teeth discolored wherever they are too loose.

If you do not want the dramatic results of in-office power bleaching, the custom-fit trays provide a gradual whitening that may suit your lifestyle better.

At-home tooth bleaching takes about two or three hours. During this time, you must not remove the whitening trays until the procedure is complete. You will notice a brighter smile of up to five shades.

The latest in whitening technology

We offer residents of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Orange County the latest in whitening technology. Dr. Sands can brighten most discoloration created by aging and by pigmented foods and drinks. Please keep in mind that existing dental restorations such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns cannot be brightened with tooth bleaching techniques.

If you are interested in tooth whitening, please call our cosmetic dentistry office today to set up your complimentary first-time consultation.