Facts About Sedation Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

The first fact is:

It works!

Sedation dentistry will dissolve your apprehension and make it easy for you to have your necessary dental work done. There will be no pain or worry.

Another great fact:

It's entirely safe!

You take a small pill before your procedure, and there are no needles or intravenous tubes. The pill is calibrated to an appropriate strength and will last only as long as your dental work requires it. Afterwards it will gradually wear off and you'll be your normal self again.

More advantages

A dim memory -- You can spend the rest of the day relaxing and resting, and may not have much memory of your procedures at all. You might not remember any sounds or smells and will certainly have no memory of pain, because Dr. Sands is highly proficient at administering local anesthetic gently so that it does not hurt. We will numb the area first so that you will not feel any needle.

One visit, not a series of them -- If you are like many people who have dental anxiety, you may have postponed coming to the dentist for some time, and your teeth and gums may therefore need extra work done for cleanliness and health. By taking advantage of sedation dentistry, you can have many procedures done in one visit, instead of coming in for several visits, being anxious each time.

No fatigue - the lower jaw can become strained if dental work must take longer than you would prefer. But sedation dentistry removes that possible problem entirely. We can also use a comfortable support device, just the right size to keep your jaw open without your muscles having to do it.

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