Details Magazine Article with Dr. Sands

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

 Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sands' office was recently featured in the March 2004 issue of "Details." Celebrities were getting ready for the Oscars and wanting to look their best.

Dr. Kevin Sands
Price: $30,000 (Beverly Hills)

Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, and Robbie Williams owe their million-dollar muzzles to Dr. Sands. But it's not just his way with a veneer that keeps the stars in alignment. Masseuses, PlayStation2, and free refills of teeth-staining Starbucks lattes make this visit to the dentist more soothing than a fistful of Vicodin. "You never want to look like you have had work done," says Sands, who cements 10 teeth on each jaw line -- because there's nothing gnarlier than a D-List actor who's bonded his four front teeth. "People pay to have a nice even flow from their teeth to the rest of their face." Because of his Da Vinci-esque proportions, Nick Lachey (Mr. Jessica Simpson) gets Sands' shout-out for Best Dental Work.

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