Laser Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

Teeth whitening is the most frequently sought cosmetic dentistry procedure in the office Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kevin B. Sands. The variety of whitening methods available offers something for everyone. Among those that are sometimes classified as laser teeth whitening methods that Dr. Sands offers is the BriteSmile® procedure, and it takes only about an hour to achieve dramatic results.

Laser Teeth Whitening–Is It a Misnomer?
There are several types of laser teeth whitening, and not all of them use laser light. As new methods of using light to activate various gel formulations were developed, they continued to be referred to as “laser” teeth whitening.

Some use a laser, and others a blue light or an infrared light. Each formula is designed to work best when activated by one of these specific lights. Yet, the name stuck. “Laser teeth whitening” commonly refers to any type of peroxide gel and light whitening system, and even to some that don’t use any light to activate the gel.

Even some over the counter products are activated with a light, and others are not. Options also include custom-fit gel trays that you can take home and use for gradual whitening.

How Tooth Whitening Light Works
Different types of light produce different amounts of heat. Stronger gel formulations of peroxide produce faster and greater whitening power. Each type of light was found to be most effective in increasing the action of one of these specific gel formulations. Consequently, each peroxide formula is paired with a specific type of light and procedure.

Heat was found to increase the action of the peroxide, but it also increased tooth sensitivity. Likewise, greater peroxide strength increased whitening in shorter periods of time, but it, also, increased tooth sensitivity. Heating the stronger formulations further increased the whitening power and speed of these gels, but, in turn, created the need for desensitizing agents.

Choosing a Tooth Whitening Product
Lasers are more expensive than blue or infrared lights. Manufacturers and cosmetic dentists realized they could offer very effective whitening treatment at far lower cost, and prevent sensitivity issues, by using products that generated less heat.

For example, Dr. Sands often recommends the BriteSmile® procedure, which uses a medicinal strength 15% hydrogen peroxide formula that is activated using a blue light. Unlike other lights, this blue light generates no heat.

BriteSmile® is much stronger than over-the-counter formulations, and works much faster. Yet, it is completely safe, and very powerful. Teeth whitening is done under close observation in our office, so Dr. Sands’ can assure you that your teeth will not be over-whitened. Rather, your teeth will be lightened to a shade most flattering to your complexion.

To find out more about how to have brighter teeth in about an hour please contact Kevin Sands, D.D.S. and learn more about laser teeth whitening in Beverly Hills, California.