How Sedation Dentistry Works

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How Sedation Dentistry Works

Sedation dentistry is easy and simple. Dr. Sands will give you a small pill ahead of time. You would arrange for someone to drive you here and home again afterwards. On the day of your visit, you would take the pill about an hour before you are due to be here. You will have already discussed with Dr. Sands what procedures are being done, and will know as much as you want to know about how they're done and why they're necessary.

By the time you arrive here, you'll be feeling drowsy and relaxed. One of our team will greet you and escort you to the comfort room. We will cover you with a cozy warm blanket and begin monitoring your vital signs. When you are settled and ready, cosmetic dentist Dr. Sands will do your dental work according to your agreement with him.

When it is all done, we will escort you to a comfortable waiting area, where you can gradually resume your normal alertness. The person who is driving you home can pick you up at any time then. We suggest that you remain home the rest of the day to rest and relax.

Please see Facts About Sedation Dentistry for more information.

Sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills is a very easy and comfortable way to keep your dental health at a high level. Dr. Sands is pleased to offer sedation dentistry to all his patients.

Please feel free to call our sedation dentistry experts if you would like to ask questions and learn more about it. Our office serves Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California.