Cosmetic Dentistry Technology

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

If you're searching for the best cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, you've probably done your research and read about today's advanced cosmetic dentistry technology. But what exactly is this advanced technology? And how can it help you to achieve a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile?

Just one block off Rodeo Drive, the professional office of Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands is truly cutting-edge, proudly offering the latest advances in dental technology. Our patients appreciate the wide variety of dental treatments available to correct and enhance their smiles quickly, easily and painlessly. After all, in the past it took several visits to the dentist and quite a bit of waiting in between to get the smile you wanted. Going to the dentist was often a time-consuming and, sometimes, quite unpleasant task. But not anymore!

Let's take a peek at this advanced dental technology and how it can help you achieve a dazzling celebrity smile in as little as one visit!

Computer Smile Imaging

Would you like to see your new smile before treatment begins? Computer Smile Imaging allows Dr. Sands to digitally enhance your dental photos for a high-tech preview of your amazing results. See the new you in minutes!

Intraoral Camera

The tiny intraoral camera provides detailed imaging of your teeth and gums. Mounted on the end of an instrument that resembles a ballpoint pen, digital images of your mouth are instantly captured. You and Dr. Sands can preview the pictures together and form an effective treatment plan, because the high quality images are conveniently and instantly transmitted to the TV screen in your treatment room. This means you'll understand all procedures and the reasons why Dr. Sands has recommended certain treatments before you even begin.

Tomography Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are similar to digital photos in that they produce high-quality images Dr. Sands can magnify, email, or archive as needed. You have the opportunity to also view your pictures and you'll benefit from low dose radiation exposure, so no additional health concerns are created.

In-House Laboratory

To more quickly and efficiently serve our patients, Dr. Sands operates his own in-house dental laboratory for on-site repairs and fabrications. No more waiting for your restorations to return from the dental lab!

SimPlant One-Day Dental Implants

Using the digitized SimPlant process, patients can receive their dental implants in just one dental visit. SimPlant technology is truly on the cutting edge of advance dentistry and it's available today at the Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Kevin Sands.

Tomographic Imaging and Dental Implants

Before you can receive your implants, however, we use a tomograph to analyze your gums and bone structure. With an image similar to a CT scan image, this process helps Dr. Sands decide if your bone thickness is sufficient to support one or more dental implants.

Cannon Digital Photography (used during consultations)

With digital photography, Dr. Sands can take digital images of your mouth, teeth and gums to be used when creating repairs and restorations for your teeth in his dental laboratory. Digital photographs are far superior to hand drawn maps of your teeth and, when combined with specialized software, digital images provide highly accurate color matching.

Pro-dentic Piezo Scaler

Scaling and root planning are common procedures used in the treatment of periodontitis, a form of severe gum disease. Scaling removes bacteria, calculus and tartar below the gum line, and root planing smoothes the outer surface of the tooth so gum tissue can more easily reattach and heal. The Pro-dentic Piezo Scalar is an ultrasonic instrument that eliminates the need for hand scaling and root planning, controlling harmful bacteria growth while medicating the roots. For you, it means a faster, more thorough procedure that offers improved bacteria removal and a chance for your gums to heal more completely. Ultimately, this helps to prevent bone loss and tooth loss due to gum disease, and keeps your gum disease from advancing.

At the warm, inviting and professional cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Kevin Sands, it's all about you! Nowhere is this more evident than in Dr. Sands' use of this incredible dental technology, designed for your comfort, contentment and convenience. Whether you live in Beverly Hills or simply wish to experience the superior Kevin Sands difference, we welcome you and invite you to contact our cosmetic dentistry office to schedule your private cosmetic dentistry consultation at no charge.