Dental Spa Services from Dr. Kevin Sands

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

Forget everything you thought you knew about dentist's office. The harsh fluorescent lights, the linoleum floors, the antiseptic smell, the outdated magazines, and the possibility of pain. It's no wonder some people feel anxious before visiting the dentist! Here is the good news: you can leave the memories of that place behind you forever.

After a trip to the dental office of Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kevin Sands, you may be tempted to drop by again and again.

Besides offering the finest dental services in Beverly Hills, Dr. Sands and his staff are dedicated to the goal of making you as comfortable as possible.

So come in, and put yourself at ease. Here, you are always a celebrity, and the staff pampers you accordingly. If you are parched, we can offer bottled water, freshly-brewed coffee, or something from our juice bar.

Office of celebrity dentist, Dr Kevin Sands in Beverly Hills, CACandles flicker around our office and cast a warm glow throughout the office. Hot towels are at your fingertips if you should need them.

You are free to tune in to your iPod at any time, that is if you are not distracted by the flat-screen plasma TV. You can take in the news, your favorite game, or choose from Dr. Sands' extensive DVD catalogue to help you pass the time. Just pretend that you are at home in your favorite recliner.

If you need one more way to relax, summon the massage therapist for a hand or foot massage before or after your treatment.

You could almost take a nap on the spot, you say? That can be arranged. If you would prefer to fall asleep before your procedure, Dr. Sands' anesthesiologist will make it happen. Later, you will awaken to brighter teeth and a feeling of equal tranquility.

Visiting the dentist should not only be painless, it should be luxurious. The dental office of Dr. Sands redefines dental care. After all, visiting a dentist is about taking care of yourself, inside and out.

To learn more about the dental services Dr. Kevin Sands offers his patients to provide the most comfortable and pleasant dental experience possible, please contact Dr. Kevin Sands office today to schedule your initial consultation.