Tooth Colored Fillings

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For decades, dental fillings have been the tried-and-true method to restore teeth damaged by decay. In the past, metal amalgam was the most common material used to repair cavities. But recent advances in dentistry have made tooth colored fillings the material of choice among most dentists. They offer you a safer and more natural looking alternative to metal amalgam fillings.

Dr. Kevin Sands uses tooth colored fillings with all of his patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Tooth colored fillings are completed in one visit and will provide you with long lasting results that restore full function to your tooth.

If you have one or more cavities that need to be treated, please call 310-273-0111 today to speak with Dr. Sands about tooth colored fillings.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

There are many benefits to using tooth colored fillings when repairing cavities. The composite resin material used can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth. As a result, your filling will be virtually undetectable to others.

Another big advantage of tooth colored fillings is that they do not contain mercury. There is a debate among the dental community regarding the harmful effects of mercury contained in metal amalgam fillings. By using tooth colored fillings, Dr. Sands eliminates this potential health risk.

Other benefits of tooth colored fillings include:

  • Bonds directly to your tooth, preserving all of your natural tooth structure
  • Restores the strength and function of your tooth
  • Composite resin material does not expand or contract due to temperature changes, preventing tooth fracture commonly associated with metal fillings
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Seals the area between the filling and the tooth to prevent new decay from developing

Many patients ask Dr. Sands about replacing old amalgam fillings with tooth colored fillings. If you are interested in this option, Dr. Sands would be happy to do it for you.

Please contact Dr. Kevin Sands today to schedule your dental filling appointment. Dr. Sands serves patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.