What Should I Do if I Damage or Lose a Porcelain Veneer?

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Sands has transformed countless smiles through expertly-applied porcelain veneers in Los Angeles. One of the reasons he is such a sought-after cosmetic dentist in the Beverly Hills area is because of his reputation for artistry and long-lasting cosmetic dentistry treatments. He uses a meticulous bonding process to ensure your porcelain veneers are strongly anchored to the front surface of your teeth.

However, just as it’s possible to chip or damage your natural teeth, you can still damage a porcelain veneer. If you use your teeth as a cutting or opening tool, chew on ice, or suffer an injury to the mouth, you may end up fracturing or losing your veneer. If this happens, Dr. Sands can easily replace it for you.

If your veneer has been lost or damaged, schedule an appointment with us. Dr. Sands will take an impression of the tooth that needs a new veneer and fit you with a temporary veneer while you wait for your new custom veneer to be created. The next time you visit, we will attach your new porcelain veneer and make sure it is bonded firmly to the tooth.

If you have further questions about porcelain veneers, please contact Kevin B. Sands, DDS today to schedule your initial consultation. We serve patients throughout Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.