Lumineers® vs. Traditional Veneers

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Traditional veneers, most often called porcelain veneers, have been used to repair or improve the appearance of millions of patients’ teeth. Like most things, one method cannot be perfect for all situations. As a result, very thin veneers were developed. Lumineers® is one brand of thin porcelain veneers made of Cerinate® porcelain. The comparison of Lumineers® vs. traditional veneers offers much to consider.

Types of Porcelain

Cerinate® porcelain is a very strong porcelain. Its strength allows very thin shells to function exceptionally well as tooth veneers. Traditional porcelain veneers are at least 0.5 mm thick, but Lumineers® are effective as thin as 0.2 mm thick.

Advantages of Lumineers®

Because bonding the thickness of traditional procelain veneers to your natural teeth would create bulky teeth they are applied after a layer of tooth enamel, equal to the thickness of the veneer, is filed down. Temporary veneers are used until the permanent ones are made. To avoid any possibility of pain, you will be given a local anesthetic.

Lumineers® often can be bonded without reshaping your teeth. This involves less work, no anesthetic, no permanent change to your teeth, no temporary veneers and no discomfort. When reshaping is needed, the process is the same as for traditional veneers.

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