Laser Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA

One popular method of teeth whitening is known as laser teeth whitening. This term is something of a catch-all, because the light used in this procedure might be a blue or infrared light rather than a laser. About 97 percent of dentists use a blue curing light that activates the peroxide gel used to whiten your teeth. Both the light and the gel actively whiten your teeth. Dr. Sands offers the BriteSmile® whitening system for its safety and excellent, long lasting results.

We begin the laser teeth whitening treatment by giving your teeth a minor cleaning, then applying the peroxide gel. The light is applied once the gel is in place. The whole process takes an hour or so. Most patients get good results, often 10 to 14 shades whiter in one treatment. Occasionally, a patient may need a second treatment if his teeth are severely stained. This may happen when teeth have darkened as a result of taking medications such as tetracycline.

The advantages of laser teeth whitening over other methods are the immediate and dramatic results. Other methods may take multiple applications over several weeks to achieve the same degree of whitening. Laser teeth whitening is also less expensive than veneers, though veneers offer a more permanent whitening solution.

If you would like a brighter smile in just one hour, please contact Dr. Kevin Sands for laser teeth whitening in Beverly Hills, California.