Benefits of Tooth Colored White Fillings

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Tooth colored fillings (sometimes referred to as composite restorations) are a safe and attractive alternative to metal amalgam fillings. Since tooth-colored fillings are made to match the color of your teeth, Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Sands can now keep your mouth free of the unattractive metal amalgam used in the past. White fillings are also mercury-free, so there is no potential harm to your body as with metal fillings.

White fillings, made of a light resin material, are applied as a soft putty that hardens in the mouth with the use of a special light. The technology used to make the resin in tooth-colored fillings means that when adhered correctly, the fillings last as long as amalgam fillings.

The techniques involved in placing white fillings require a high level of expertise. Dr. Sands has mastered these techniques and has improved the beauty and health of several Hollywood celebrities.

Benefits of white fillings

Unlike metal fillings, tooth colored fillings blend with your natural teeth and contribute to your mouth's health as along with your smile's radiance. White fillings offer several benefits to your teeth, they:

  • Erode more slowly than metal fillings
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Allow for filling additions to be made at a later date, if necessary
  • Strengthen your natural tooth by being bonded to it
  • Circumvent the many health concerns associated with metal fillings
  • Help to prevent new decay by sealing the area between tooth and filling
  • Keep your teeth looking natural and beautiful

The problem with amalgam fillings

Apart from being aesthetically displeasing, amalgam fillings have been associated with a wide range of both physical and psychological health problems. These include birth defects, neurodegenerative diseases and mental disorders. Unlike tooth colored white fillings, amalgam fillings contain about 50 percent mercury, which is proven to be more toxic than even arsenic. Since there is a possibility that the mercury from amalgam fillings can leak into your mouth over time, dentistry has begun moving away from metal fillings.

Replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings

White fillings are used in places within your mouth that, when you smile, show your teeth. If you currently have old amalgam fillings, it is now possible to replace them with fillings that will match the color of your teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings can dramatically enhance your smile while contributing to your overall health. Contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Sands today to learn more about white fillings in the Hollywood area and to schedule your initial consultation.